VOLUME 8 ISSUE 9, 2021

1.Title:- The Vibrational Spectroscopy of 8OCB (4-n-octyloxy-4′- cyanobiphenyl) and 9OCB (4′-nonyloxy-biphenyl-4-carbonitrile) Liquid Crystal Molecules study using Density Functional Theory

Authors:- Mirtunjai Mishra

College:- Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, VidyaVihar, Raebareli Road, Lucknow (U.P.) 226025 INDIA

PAGE NO: 39-44

DOI: 10.37897.VZIPJ.2021.V8I9.21.40445

2.Title:- An evaluation study onthe efficacy of Carica Papaya Leaf juice extract juice in the improvement of platelet count among selected Dengue patients.

Authors:- Phani M Kasturi Ph.D. Scholar

College:- Acharya Nagarjuna Univercity

PAGE NO: 1-11

DOI: 10.37897.VZIPJ.2021.V8I9.21.40446

3.Title:- Time-Cost Trade-off Analysis for Building Construction Projects

Authors:- Varun Pratap Singh, B.P.Mudgal

College:- IPS College of Technology & Management, Gwalior (India)

PAGE NO: 12-22

DOI: 10.37897.VZIPJ.2021.V8I9.21.40447

4.Title:- A simple PDF Converter using Android with built in editing features

Authors:- Anas Abbas, Safdar Tanweer, Syed Sibtain Khalid, Naseem Rao

College:- SEST, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi, India.

PAGE NO: 23-31

DOI: 10.37897.VZIPJ.2021.V8I9.21.40448


Authors:- Tania Gupta, Shailendra Bisariya

College:- ABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad , Uttar Pradesh , India.

PAGE NO: 32-38

DOI: 10.37897.VZIPJ.2021.V8I9.21.40449